When to Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy?

As we know, stretch mark is the biggest worry to women at the time of pregnancy, but genetics plays a vital role in getting these unsightly stripes on breasts and belly. Stretch mark cream is really helpful to keep your skin soft and moisturized throughout your pregnancy as well as it improves its elasticity. One of the main benefits of using stretch mark cream is that it can reduce discomfort and tenderness which accompanies stretch mark.

On the other hand, stretch mark is small scars which are located in middle layer of skin. Sometimes it is visible in top layer of skin. It forms during the hormonal changes or rapid weight gain. Your skin is having excellent capability to adapt and stretch to its elastin fibers and collagen. Stretch mark is mostly associated with the pregnancy because it has specific hormones like estrogen and cortisol which minimize effectiveness and activity of fibroblasts at your skin.

How to choose the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy?

If you are a newbie to choose the stretch mark cream for pregnancy then you must concern about specific things like

  • Look for oils
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hydration
  • Soothe your skin
  • Understand which ingredients to avoid

When to Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

According to the studies says that Shea butter and cocoa butter might calm irritated skin so choose the cream which contains those ingredients. At the same time glycerin might be extremely good at keep your skin moisturized and enhance skin elasticity. Some of the studies say that specific skin care ingredients must be avoided during the pregnancy like retinols, tretinoin, Vitamin A and retinoids.  Suppose you are having sensitive skin, stretch mark cream that is hypoallergenic might not have specific ingredients like essential oil, dyes and fragrances that may cause allergic reactions or irritation. Recent survey reports that stretch mark might develop in 9 out of 10 pregnancies that are happened in sixth or seventh month.

Excellent ways to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy

There are tons of ways there that you might prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. You can also follow some effective methods to get rid of this problem like

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat well
  • Try to manage your weight gain
  • Get some vitamin D

The best stretch cream is having natural ingredients which can leave your skin supple. If you are a newbie to buy this cream then you can read review that is available in online. Likewise, you must do some research regarding ingredients that have used in the cream and so on. As everyone knows, stretch mark cream is really useful to prevent and treat stretch marks. Some of the creams are having heavy moisturizer which contains vitamin E and cocoa butter. On the other hand, other contains collagen building ingredients that are beneficial for repairing middle layers of skin and minimize appearance of stretch marks. Make sure that choosing stretch mark creaming is suitable to use during the pregnancy. You might start to use moisturizing create or oil which is designed for early on at your pregnancy. There are tons of benefits to choose the stretch mark cream as like,

  • Keep your skin elastic and supple
  • Deep into your skin to avoid stretch mark
  • Breaks up the stretch marks that might be started to form
  • Directs blood to skin for keeping everything healthy

You can also massage your skin for preventing the stretch marks. If you are looking to get effective massage then you are advisable to apply healthy create for your fingertips. After that, massage it into your

When to Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Things to know about stretch mark cream

Pregnancy is the time when you must be careful about what you put in or on your baby. However, you might use good quality products and proper care to get rid of this problem. According to the studies says that pregnancy is the sensitive time and you must not consume which might cause allergic reaction. You are always recommended use hypoallergenic cream because it is offering amazing numbers of the benefits. At the same time, it contains no colorants, preservatives and artificial perfume so you can use it without facing any kinds of issues. Safety is the most important one during the pregnancy. Try to take extra care of what you eat during the pregnancy.

You might incorporate specific foods which are rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, Omega 3 and Zinc because it is really beneficial to keep your skin remains healthy. Drinking lots of water is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and you can also drink healthy liquids. In case you are unable for drinking lot of water then you can get large part of liquid intake from fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits.

Coconut oil is the best and excellent moisturizer and it presents in the many soaps and creams so it might be better to use it. It is having capability to eliminate dead cells because it has fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Everything to know about stretch cream during pregnancy

Like coconut oil, olive oil is having antioxidants and vitamin E because it has healing compounds which might assist healing process. At the same time, it might be used as the preventative and completely remedy to cure stretch marks. Aloe vera is known to have soothing as well as healing properties because it has minerals, enzymes and vitamins.

According to the studies says that it is really beneficial to skin healing process, preventing stretch marks and restoring skin. If you are having aloe plant then cut leaf and takes out gel from inside. You are recommended to massage it into the high risk areas or affected areas of your skin and leave it for a while to absorb the essence of aloe vera gel.  You can also buy the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy which has natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and olive oil because it has excellent properties to heal the stretch mark without facing any issues.