"Brittney R. excelled my expectations of having a Doula! I never considered having one before until I read some information about it and it seemed like something I would want to have. Brittney was always there when I needed her. I could give her a call or text her anytime and she would always respond. She was supportive with all the decisions I had and gave unbiased answers. I would recommend her to anyone."- Anisha H
"Destination Baby Is Everything You Could Ever Ask For!" - LaTrisha
"I had a wonderful birth experience with my doula, Sydney. Being a first time mom, there were some anxiety and concerns about giving birth to my son. I always knew i wanted to have my kids with no medication and Sydney was able to help make that wish come true. She was more than a doula, she was and is a friend! I learned breathing and moving techniques that helped cope with the painful contractions and after 8 hours of labor, my son was born. Sydney was there every step of the way before, during and after my son was born and I am more than grateful! I would highly recommend her." - Nkem
"When my husband and I have our children I know I can count on Brittney for advice and midwifery requests. She stays up to date on latest information and in my opinion the best person to have in your corner thru your pregnancy and birth. #kudostoher" - Selah

"Brittney is the most caring person I know. She makes you feel comfortable talking with her even if you are a stranger. She gets to know you as an individual and is never judgemental. She loves to help and make sure you have all the pro's and cons of your specific situation. I would recommend her to anyone who needs her services" - Toya

"She put me at ease during my pregnancy by answering all my questions. I would go to her again with all my concerns. She (Brittney) really cares about your well being and makes sure you get the right care I would use her again. Thank you" - Tacha

"Brittney is the most caring person I know that shows so much empathy towards anyone she comes in contact with. She truly cares and doesn't make you feel like your decision is wrong. She gives you both the pro's and cons of a situation  and let you make a decision based on the facts given. I would recommend her to anyone I know." - Toya

Brittney is very professional! I love her, and so does my children. - Monique