Postpartum Support

Destination Baby offers full time support with infant care, sibling care, breastfeeding support, meal preparation, laundry, home organization, light housekeeping, emotional support,  errand runs and safety tips. Postpartum Doulas provide reassurance and support to help parents feel more confident and comfortable with their babies. By doing all these thing our Doulas help promote time for family and infant bonding while creating balance and organization during the fourth trimester.

Packages can include:

  • Light Housekeeping and Cooking
  • Errands
  • Baby’s/Sibling laundry
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders
  • Sleeping solutions for both baby and parents
  • Breastfeeding Counseling/Latch And Positioning Help
  • Understanding Baby Cues
  • Diapering and Baby Care
  • Help create a nurturing & quiet environment for the family
  • Care for baby when the parents want to nap, shower or enjoy some time with older siblings.
  • Hands-on education for infant and family care
  • Prepare pump supplies or bottles
  • Caring for the mom as she recovers from birth
  • Processing the birth experience

Postpartum Doula Packages Range: $100 – $1,575

For more information and a complete list of all of our packages, or if you have any questions, please contact us.