Lactation Consultant

Our Lactation Consultant can assist a family in preparing for breastfeeding.  Classes before baby arrives allow parents to receive up to date information and hands on practice.

Lactation Consultants also support families through breastfeeding issues including but not limited to:

  • Assessing a past less-than-desired breastfeeding experience
  • Beginning breastfeeding and requiring hands-on help with early attempts at proper latch and positioning.
  • Experiencing sore nipples, yeast infection of the nipple, or other nipple traumas.
  • Engorgement of the breasts, plugged ducts, breast infections or breast pain of any kind while nursing.
  • When your baby won’t latch on or is having trouble feeding due to any reason.
  • Concerned about your milk supply or your baby’s weight gain.
  • If you are supplementing and wonder how this might affect breastfeeding.
  • Mothers who are nursing multiples.
  • If your baby is born prematurely and you wish to breastfeed
  • Medication use and breastfeeding.
  • Weaning from breastfeeding.
  • Assisting with breast-pump purchase or hospital grade pump rental.
  • Assisting with educating parents on the proper use of a pump.
  • Breastfeeding and returning to work.
  • Introducing solids to your baby and breastfeeding
  • Normal growth and development and sleep patterns of your baby while breastfeeding.
  • Planning on breastfeeding an adopted child

Our private sessions will give you the information, skills, and confidence you need to have an empowering breastfeeding experience