Justin Riddick

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Owner | CPS Technician | C.D Educator

Justin Riddick was born in Pennsylvania and raise in Upper Marlboro, Maryland since age 6. Ever since he could remember he knew he wanted to be a dad and had great practice by helping his mom with his siblings. Justin’s love for cars also started at an early age. He enjoyed collecting and playing with trains, cars and other automobiles.

Justin is a car enthusiast all the way. His love of cars first started with a 1969 Camaro Z28. It was then that he realized he was an autodidact. He could teach himself anything, and all it took was for him to take something apart. Since age 18 Justin has been taking cars apart and putting them back together, sometimes even with modifications.

Before his son was born in 2014, Justin had the task of installing the car seat. After reading the manual he realized a lot had changed since helping his mom. In 2017 when his daughter was born, more had changed. Wanting to know more he decided to sign up for a class. Since 2018 Justin has enjoyed helping other families not only enjoy their newborns, but their cars too.

When Justin isn't spending time with family he enjoys working on cars and gaming. 

Want to talk cars and car seats? Whether old and classic or new and modern, Justin is the guy to ask.