How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower?

A toddler tower comes in different names – Kitchen stool, Learning tower, Montessori tower, etc. The primary aim of this unique product is to help the toddler or a preschooler perform or engage in activities that nourish their active minds independently. This also helps the parenting of a toddler easier and smarter.

The toddler may be engaged in serious kitchen work while the mother is engaged in preparing her dinner for the family. The toddler learning tower brings the kid to the counter height and hence makes it safe for both to engage in their daily activities. An active preschooler enjoys his dose of a curious day in the kitchen, keeping the parent tension free about the safety of their child.

The most active learning phase of a toddler

Toddlers or preschoolers are always eager to learn, and they indulge in real-life learning experiences. Hence it is important to thoughtfully set up an environment for their learning phase. What best can we give than the best learning tower for our toddler? This learning tower helps them to boost up their creativity and let them explore and engage themselves independently.

How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower

Extreme support for a working mom

In a house, we spend most of the quality time in the kitchen. In the busy schedule of a working mom, it is quite natural to be working in the kitchen and still balancing the office too. If you have a toddler at this stage, it would almost give the parent a heart attack to know that the toddler is quiet at some other corner of the house.

Parents could immediately sense a wave of curiosity running through the active minds of the toddler. Hence it is clearly understood that a toddler always seeks the attention of the parent constantly.

Imagine having a curious toddler busy playing with his toys, color book, or an active pack of clay toys right in front of your eyes. If it is at a convenient height where just a glance of your look is enough to monitor your kid. I understand the heavy sigh of relief in your minds as you think of this scene in your minds. This is exactly the role of a kitchen stool, in fact, rightly called the learning tower for a toddler.

Keeping all these things in mind nowadays these products become one of the essential products which assists every parent in the busy scenario. Depending on your budget these kitchen stools come in various models and prices.

But is it safe for a toddler to seat high on a kitchen tower?

Absolutely! takes that extra effort to explain to you the extreme benefits of a learning tower in the kitchen. We would suggest that this kitchen stool serves more purposes than one, and it is a long-term investment concerning your toddler’s furniture. Allow us to explain the expanse of the learning experience with this best toddler kitchen stool for your busy bees.

How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower

The kitchen stool

The kitchen stool is a partially closed stool that allows him to step up safely at a convenient height. The adjustable features available with the kitchen stool make it safer for toddlers to tower the stool. The railing is an added feature that adds to the safety feature of the kid.

The toddler may even be seated at the stool and still be engaged in fun-filled and exciting activities without being disturbed or distracted. Hence making this the safest and best learning furniture in the kitchen.

Most modern kitchen stools may be foldable, comfortable, and even occupy less space in your kitchen. They customize it to suit your basic needs, especially space management in your kitchen. Some kitchen stools even allow two children to seat and engage in group activities too.

But we say such stools to be space occupying. But it always allows either the siblings or the toddler friends to share their area of creativity, and this also widens their level of learning experiences too.

How does my toddler use the toddler tower?

  • Most of the learning towers are placed in the kitchen. Hence it gives the space for you and your toddler to be together and involve in an active discussion while doing the regular chores in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning the windows, doors, and even the mirrors in your house. Sorting out the groceries and vegetables, helping you with the dishes… all these can be fun with your toddler actively taking part in the regular chores.
  • Learning to cook, baking her favorite recipe in the kitchen, and even learning to prepare a sandwich by themselves.  All this could be an enjoyable way of learning for your toddler at a counter height where you could monitor them easily.
  • Involving your kid and making them part of your team in the day-to-day chores activates and boosts their self-confidence to a different level.
  • In the long run, the toddler may use this kitchen stool even as a part of their creativity, like using it as a puppet stool.
  • Added to all this, this super kitchen stool makes them enjoy a sense of responsibility, adds to their excitement level, and also keeps them busy with their areas of creativity.
  • The most exciting part is that of giving them access to the storehouse of materials. You could no longer try to hide their favorite candy at the tall kitchen shelves.

How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower

Guidelines for Parents to use the kitchen stool

It is exciting to see your toddler climb onto the best kitchen stool. This allows him to enjoy the world of confident and independent learning in a play-way method. Although the learning experience may be exceptional, none of the equipment mentioned for the kids comes without adult supervision. explains the role of a parent in monitoring the usage of the best toddler kitchen stool. Allowing the kid to reach a counter height of the parent may sound outstanding. But not to forget that this may give them access to many unwanted items like knives, sharp objects in the kitchen, etc. The kitchen stool may be safer with all the required precautions. But we always advise it to use these under the required amount of parental supervision.