With so many different cloth diaper options on the market you may be a little confused with which one is right for you. Every family has a different lifestyle and preferences vary; which is why there are so many different cloth diapers. When deciding on which cloth diaper style is right for your family you’ll want the experts of Destination Baby to help. 

Destination Baby offers private classes for couples unable to make a public cloth diaper class. Based on your preferences and scheduling needs, one of our professional cloth diaper educators will meet you at your home to prepare you for all things cloth diaper. Our private classes cover the same topics as our public cloth diaper classes but can be tailored to your unique needs, interests, and concerns.

Topics include but aren’t limited to:
•    Why Use Cloth?
•    What are the different types of cloth diapers?
•    How many cloth diapers will I need?
•    How do you care and wash cloth diapers?
•    How should I dry diapers?
•    What about poop?
•    Can I use cloth diapers at daycare?
•    How do I get rid of stains?
•    How do I wash wool?
•    Do I need to wash the diapers before using?
•    What cloth diapering accessories are recommended?
•    Why should I use reusable wipes?