• How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower

    How Do Toddlers Learn to Tower?

    A toddler tower comes in different names – Kitchen stool, Learning tower, Montessori tower, etc. The primary aim of this unique product is to help the toddler or a preschooler perform or engage in activities that nourish their active minds independently. This also helps the parenting of a toddler easier and smarter. The toddler may […]

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  • Metatarsus Adductus

    Metatarsus Adductus

    What’s Metatarsus Adductus? Metatarsus Adductus (Varus) is a foot deformity. The bones in the front half of the foot bend or turn in toward the side of the big toe. Babies are sometimes born with Metatarsus Adductus. Depending on severity, the feet usually straightens out as the baby grows. Very few babies will have corrective measures […]

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  • I Just Want to Birth & Parent My Way

    I Just Want to Birth & Parent My Way

    Sometimes as parents whether it’s your first or fifth child, you wish that people would give you a chance to birth or parent your child as you see fit. You want things this way not because you “have all the answers” but because sometimes parent intuitions is best. However other times because you have so […]

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  • "A Reading for a Hard Day (and for Every Day)"

    “A Reading for a Hard Day (and for Every Day)”

    Today was a hard day, but it reopened my new-mommy eyes. So if you’re a mom, hear me out… For nine months, Esme was held by me, by my stretching skin and aching joints, as close as anyone could (or will) ever be to me: her tiny feet on my heart, her tiny face near […]

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  • Cloth Diapers

    Cloth Diapers

    Think cloth diapers are unrealistic? They’ve changed a lot over the years. Whether you’re looking to save money, have a child with skin sensitivities or just looking to be Eco-Friendly, Destination Baby has got you covered. With so many different cloth diaper options on the market you may be a little confused with which one is […]

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  • An open letter to my daughter in heaven

    An open letter to my daughter in heaven

    Dear Lucy, Happy Feast Day. I wish you were here to celebrate with us. Sometimes, when I visit your grave, I try talking to you. But it’s always been a bit weird. Maybe it’s because your grave isn’t really where you are. Somehow, writing a letter feels more natural to me. I know that you […]

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  • Welcome


    Destination Baby Doulas specialize in unbiased and non-judgmental support for all birthing and parenting choices. We know that each family is strong and capable of deciding what is best for your family and baby. We are here to support those choices. We provide emotional, informational, and physical support to Maryland families during pregnancy, childbirth and […]

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